2010 AWP Conference: Shot through with bullets

Flarf, narrative cross-dressing,… crank verse?  Am I at the right conference???

Drunk Blogging *hic*

When I drink brandy I always think of Scarlett O’Hara.  I rarely crave it, but tonight, on the occasion of finishing the third revision of … Read the rest

Valentine Reads

Here’s my list of V-day reads dealing one way or another with romantic/love/lust relationships.  Some are genial, others may be… disturbing.  There are broken hearts, … Read the rest

Bikini Barista Surprise

Passing out at the wheel on a drizzly two hour drive from the Seattle suburbs to Bellingham, Washington, my hubz and I decided to pull … Read the rest

Over 256 Coffee Shops in Seattle. Here’s one.

I just spent three weeks in the suburbs of Seattle and, although my novel revision stalled completely (*grits teeth*), I managed some super-useful fieldwork. My … Read the rest

New Moon at Midnight

After months of suspense and trailer teasers, New Moon released today. I scored tickets well in advance for the 12:03 am showing at Cinemark in … Read the rest

T.C. Boyle comes for a visit… to my lil ol’ town.

My excuse for never being well-read enough is that a Psych degree distracted me away from literature.  And as much as I read from all … Read the rest

hush,hush release!

Congratulations to Becca Fitzpatrick for a  successful release of hush,hush!  The event at Reader’s Cove last night was suspiciously mellow at first… I’d hoped at … Read the rest

Love Triangles and Squares

I’m working on clarifying some key relationships in my novel.  There are four major characters and they all want equal representation, though they’re each wildly … Read the rest

Hollyhocks Love Legend

Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers from childhood.  They bloomed in large, tall pillars along my aunt’s village house in Poland, where I loved to … Read the rest