#1k1hr Writing Sprints in Fort Collins

Join me for a write-in to build your writing stamina and speed. Bring your laptop, notepad, journal, or your choice of writing tool, and be … Read the rest

Translation, in essence…

I’m a bilingual immigrant.  Thought I’d just start there.  It’s not readily apparent to most people I meet for the first time, but I’m bringing … Read the rest

How To Crash a Poetry Slam To Read Flash Fiction: My YouTube Debut

Every first Friday of the month, The Bean Cycle hosts a Poetry Slam.  For seven years now.  In fact, there are various poetry readings around … Read the rest

Love Triangles and Squares

I’m working on clarifying some key relationships in my novel.  There are four major characters and they all want equal representation, though they’re each wildly … Read the rest