Behind the Scenes at Fiction Mingle

Today I announced on Fiction Mingle that I will no longer be posting mingles featuring Photo + 100 Words + Audio. The Fiction Mingle community … Read the rest

Trick-or-Treat Book Giveaway!

Just dropping in to mention that contest rules are up at fictionmingle 🙂 Some killer Halloween mingles are coming up…. Muahahahahahaha!

Tara Kelly on Fiction Mingle

Hey, Just wanted to update my LJ friends with the news that fellow LJ user   is featured on my LJ community, , this week.  … Read the rest

my evil laugh

I’ve been terrible at posting here lately, but I promise that will change very, very soon  (school’s out for summer!) However, I’ve been over at Fiction … Read the rest

New LiveJournal Community: Fiction Mingle

Okay, so Blogger didn’t work out.  LiveJournal has spoiled me and I simply can’t operate on a different site.  Soooo, I moved my quick fiction … Read the rest