SEO & My Favorite Clayboy, Gumby

Just one of the reasons why I love working for the rock star SEO team at CCSEO Web Visibility: they just launched Gumbyworld for Premavision!

(Google is honoring Art Clokey’s 90th birthday with a Gumby Google Doodle today.)

Although I wish I could say I got my hands on some Gumby copy, the content wasn’t part of the scope. The entire SEO strategy and build project was handled by my superhero boss lady, Cecily, and  development guru, Kevin. I, like, pretty much, um, brought in mochas and wrote the blog post and press release 😉


Being the geek that I apparently am, it was a total rush to watch and learn from the sidelines. Here’s what I gleaned:

  1. Good, ethical SEO practices really, really work. Watching soar to the top of Google rankings was dizzying.
  2. Links to your website are important. Especially relevant, important ones from other trusted websites.
  3. Accommodating an influx of global traffic to your site requires… well, some technical things that Kevin could tell you about. Because when Google decides to point the world’s attention at you, you don’t want to crash and burn.

Gumby has such a good vibe about him. Everybody loves Gumby!

Happy 90th to Art Clokey, creator of my favorite clayboy 🙂

Your Thoughts?