Indie Chick Swag

I’ve never really belonged to a club, let alone a secret club (except for the super secret ones regarding grade school crushes that are too secret for me to tell you about) but I have to say that The Indie Chicks sure know how to make you feel like you are part of the club.

Last week, a padded envelope arrived, slipped behind my screen door, hand delivered by the USPS, and I ripped it open to find my own girly-fit Indie Chick tee shirt and a spiral journal just perfect for surreptitious plotting.

Thank you Indie Chicks!

Thank you for the contest prizes and the sweet card, Indie Chicks. My daughter read it aloud to me and “bleeeep”-ed out one of the words 😉

I was like, go ahead, honey, you can say it. “Badasss,” she said and grinned.

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