#1k1hr Writing Sprints in Old Town Fort Collins

Join us for a write-in to build your writing stamina and speed. Bring your laptop, notepad, journal, or your choice of writing tool, and be ready to sprint in bursts of 15min-30min-15min for one hour, with the goal of getting 1,000 words down.

Upcoming Events


Wed. June 8, 2016 (Facebook event)

Wed. June 22, 2016

Wed. July 6, 2016

Wed. July 20, 2016

6:50pm Welcome and set-up
7pm-8pm Writing sprints

Letterpress & Publick House (view map)
316 Willow St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Participate online from wherever you are via the Twitter hashtag #1k1hr.

Spread the word and share the Facebook even found on the Creative Typez FB page!


Past Writing Events


Wed. May 25, 2016

Wed. April 27, 2016

Wed. April 13, 2016

Wed. March 30, 2016

Wed. March 9, 2016

Wed. Feb. 24, 2016

Wed. Feb. 3, 2016


Letterpress & Publick House


#1k1hr Writing in Old Town Fort Collins


What does #1k1hr mean?
#1k1hr is a Twitter hashtag that stands for 1,000 words written in 1 hour.

Do I have to write 1,000 words??? in 1 hour???
No, you can write more! Or less. It’s just a great excuse to get words down.

What are we writing about?
Everyone works on their own projects. Bring your W.I.P. (work in progress) – novel, memoir, story, article… Writing prompts will also be available, if needed.

How do you count the words written?
It’s not an exact science. If you’re using Word, there’s a tool under “Review” called “Word Count.” If you’re writing by hand, you can estimate how many words you write per page and multiply from there. The goal really is for this exercise to be generative. We don’t have to be sticklers. Unless you want to be a stickler. In which case, go ahead and stickle.

Will we be sharing our work or giving critiques?
No. We will simply be writing. Fast.

What if I’m not in Fort Collins or am trapped at home under piles of cats?
Participate online! I will be posting time intervals and updates on Twitter using the #1k1hr hashtag (@SylDeLeon). Also, if you join the FB event (found here), we’ll post sprints and progress there as well.